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Hope everyone had a great holiday!
This week we are going to do a lot of testing so we can see your progress and get your Wodify up to date so when we start a new strength cycle next week, we will have everyone’s numbers. We will be focusing on cleans, bench press and back squats for the next 6 weeks so please make it in this week to establish your percentages. If you know your old numbers, log them now. We will help you in class as much as we can.
New strength movements to come this week. We will be maxing out front squats Thursday ,so bring your legs!


20 min to establish a 1 RM clean


3 Rounds
3 min AMRAP:

  • 3 Burpees
  • 6 Squats
  • 9 KB swings

1 min rest between rounds
Begin the next round where you left off. Score is total rounds and reps.