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Yule Tide Workout

This Christmas we are going to try to put ourselves in SANTA’S boots.  He has a tough job, and in order to train for Christmas day Santa uses THIS workout.  Oh, and make sure to wear your ugliest holiday sweater!

Stick around after the 4:30 and 5:30 classes for a festive holiday celebration. Bring treats!

10 min EMOM:
“Goat training”
3 rounds
1 min at each station:

  • Tire Drag (10 m) – Getting his sled unstuck from the snow.
  • Rope Climb- Climbing up the chimney.
  • Wall Climbs- Climbing up the chimney is hard work…keep climbing!
  • Power Snatch- Picking up and putting presents on the shelves of his workshop.

1 min rest between rounds!
L1: 45/35,15′, 95/65 or 70 %   L2: 35/25, 10′, 75/55   L3: 25/10, rope lowers,65/45