Skill/Strength: Deadlifts/Pullup E.M.O.M.

10min A.M.R.A.P:

  • 5 (R) D.B. Snatch
  • 5 (R) Waiters Lunges
  • 5 (L) D.B. Snatch
  • 5 (L) Waiters Lunges

Ida isn’t the only one!!!

Final Results from “Sage”:

Byron 135lbs No Band 13:34
Jeff P. 135lbs No Band 17:43
Dave V. 135lbs No Band 16:00
Jon G. 135lbs No Band 13:47
Alex P. 135lbs No Band 16:29
Jay K. 135lbs No Band 12:41
Joshua W. 135lbs No Band 15:33
Jeremy 115lbs No Band 16:25
Dave B. 95lbs No Band 15:50
Ryan W. 95lbs No Band 11:00
Peter 95lbs No Band 12:57
Karl 95lbs No Band 10:55
Alex L. 95lbs Red Band 11:04
Rex 95lbs Red Band 15:12
Sami 95lbs Red Band 17:56
Jay M. 85lbs No Band 15:34
Paul C. 85lbs No Band  17:45
Hayden 65lbs Blue Band 11:47
Shawn 65lbs Red Band 13:39
Jayman 40lbs (Front Squats) Green Band 13:12
Taylor L. 75lbs Blue Band 15:17
Cohen 35lbs Dumbbells BWR 17:51
Matt 30lbs Dumbbells No Band 9:35
Calden 50lbs Dumbbells No Band 13:01
Adam 25lbs Dumbbells BWR 16:13
Fred 10lbs Dumbbells BWR 15:41
Name Thruster Weight Pull-up Assist Time
Caitlin 95lbs No Band 14:45
Claire S. 85lbs Red Band 16:35
Carey 75lbs No Band 14:30
Danielle H. 75lbs Red Band 15:53
Sara H. 75lbs Red Band  13:37
Dana 65lbs Red Band 13:34
Yrlyn 65lbs No Band 16:00
Tiffany 65lbs No Band 13:55
Shawn 65lbs Red Band 13:39
Sarah P. 65lbs No Band 10:56
Ida 65lbs Blue Band 14:23
Denise R. 65lbs No Band 13:03
Annette 60lbs Red Band 14:02
Shannon 55lbs Green Band 17:14
Cindi 55lbs Green Band 10:03
Amy 55lbs Green & Red Band 15:19
Megan 55lbs Blue Band 16:10
Kirsten 55lbs Red Band 11:10
Bethany 55lbs Red Band 13:59
Krista 55lbs Blue Band 13:07
Lisa P. 50lbs No Band 17:25
Maria 45lbs Green Band 13:57
Lauren W. 45lbs Green Band 16:35
Michelle B. 40lbs Green Band 11:07
Sheri 40lbs Blue Band 14:02
Sue R. 40lbs Green & Red Band 15:12
Sarah H. 35lbs Blue Band 14:42
Lauren L. 30lbs Green Band 14:54
Rebecca H. 30lbs Blue & Red Band 12:58

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