Happy Birthday Caitlin!

Thunder Thighs Thursday!


Back squats

  • 6 X 6  (65-70%)



  • 100 Burpees

Every minute on the minute, you must complete 5 pull-ups!

15 min time cap!  Come celebrate Caitlin’s birthday with us by doing some good ol’ fashioned burpees.

Performance Challenge Update!

Monday will be here before you know it – is your pantry ready for the nutritional piece of the challenge? Take some time over the next few days to organize your shopping list and plan a few meals. Make sure that you have an abundance of healthful options at your fingertips so that making a smart choice is easy. Stock your house with loads of vegetables, fruit, nuts, and protein. You know the saying, proper planning prevents poor performance, so plan now for success later!

Here is the link to the eat to perform calculator:Calculator

Don’t like to cook? Sage Primal Kitchen has you covered. Marlina put together a variety of meal plans to get you through the first two weeks of the challenge. Get your order in by Friday night and you’re meals will be waiting for you at the gym on Monday.

Although we aren’t prescribing a strict Paleo diet for the challenge, here are a few websites with tips and recipes for “clean” eating. Share your best recipes and tips in the Facebook Wolf Pack!

This is my favorite squat video!  This is a must watch if you haven’t seen it.

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