WOD – Fall Performance Challenge


Fall Performance challenge WOD!  We will repeat this workout again at the end of the challenge!

10 min work capacity test. Get as many reps in the allowed time for each exercise:

  • 4 min: Rowing (cal)
  • 1 min Rest
  • 3 min: Pull ups
  • 1 min Rest
  • 2 min: Back squats (from squat rack)
  • 1 min Rest
  • 1 min: Shoulder to overhead (from the ground)


  • Men- Body weight BS, 135lb shoulder to overhead
  • Women- 3/4 body weight BS, 95 shoulder to overhead


  • M- 70% of 1 RM Back squat or lower, 115lb shoulder to overhead or lower
  • W- 50% of 1 RM Back squat or lower, 75lb shoulder to overhead or lower

Weekly recap!

Here we go! Get your proverbial “last meal” in tonight because tomorrow is the first day of the Fall Performance Challenge.

Bring your “A” game tomorrow for the test WOD. If you can’t make it in Monday, then you can make it up at your next visit.

The main nutrition goal of the challenge is to ensure that you are eating enough quality food to support your work in the gym. Base your daily consumption on the individualized caloric needs as prescribed by this calculator. Some of you might be asked to kick it up a notch and consume more calories than you are used to. If you are struggling in this area, talk to us and we’ll help you dial it in. Others might need to rein it in a bit. There is no “one size fits all” component to the challenge. This is a learning process.

If you “accidentally” eat a cookie or yogurt during the two weeks of clean eating, don’t stress. You didn’t “fail” and one slip-up is not a reason throw in the towel and devour an entire pizza; just start back up with clean eating habits at you next meal. We’re human. It’s cool.

As much as this is a performance and nutrition challenge, these next few weeks will test you mentally. Temptation may rear its ugly head. Use this as an opportunity to build your mental toughness and do something awesome. You might surprise yourself.

Byron, Caitlin and I, not to mention everyone else is the gym, are here for support.

Eat Big. Lift Big.

Legs feed the wolf!

-Michelle Baumann

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