Partner 7 min AMRAP:

  • Rope climbs
  • 15 sit-ups

One person climbs the rope while their partner does 15 sit-ups. Partners alternate exercises.


5 rounds for time of:

  • 30 Double Unders
  • 20 KB Swings
  • 10 Box Jump Overs
  • Rest 1 min

L1: 53/35, 24/20   L2: 35/25, 20/16, 15 double unders   L3: 25, 16/12, 90 singles

Coaches Notes

Congratulations are in order to Peter and Phil for getting their first muscle up last week! Also, we are super proud of Carly for cycling kipping swing pull-ups for the first time during yesterday’s “Grindy” workout! Week one of the performance challenge is in the books.  Thanks to everyone who went hard during last week’s challenge WOD. Your dedication and commitment will pay off and we’re excited to see big gains at the re-test in a few weeks. By this time you should be dialing in your routine and hopefully you’re eating in a way that makes you feel energetic and strong. Keep up your healthy habits for one more week!

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