No evening Classes on Monday.  Normal Morning Schedule.  Go Ducks!!


Goat Training

Your GOAT in CrossFit is a movement that you are not so good at.  It could be anything; barbell movement, gymnastics movement, body weight movement, kettlebell movement, or simply flexibility and/or mobility.  The only way to attack your goat is to work on it!

12 min EMOM

  • Odd min- Goat 1
  • Even min- Goat 2

Use reps and loads that will allow you to perform the movements with high QUALITY and enough rest.


“Testy Pit Viper”

  • 40 Strict Pullups

Every Time you drop from the Bar complete

5 Bench Press

L0 Body Weight/ 75% BW, 50 Pullups
L1 135/95
L2 115/75, Banded
L3 95/65 or lower, RIng Rows

What time is it?

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