@ 0:00 min

6 rounds

  • 6 SDLHP
  • 6 Goblet Squats
  • 6 Push Press (R)
  • 6 Push Press (L)

L1 53/35
L2 35/25
L3 25 or lower

@ 10:00


  • Plate Ground to Overhead
  • Box Jumps

L1 45/35, 24/20
L2 35/25, 20/18
L3 25/15, 18/12 or lower

@ 20:00 min

  • 50 Pullups

5 Burpees EMOM, starting with Burpees.

L1 C2B, Burpees onto Plate
L2 40 reps, 4 Burpees
L3 Ring Rows, 3 Burpees


Ok everyone, here are some tips for your first day at Evviva!
1. Parking: we have a parking lot behind the building and 5 side alley spots too. If you are coming to the night classes and they are all taken, you can double park, park on Lincoln, or use the gravel parking lot at pacific continental after 5. We will have attendants to help you! Do not park at any of the surrounding businesses.
2. Enter through the garage or front door (Garage is best), but be aware if people are working out in the front that you don’t walk through the workout floor.
3. All stuff goes upstairs in the cubbies. Water bottles are fine downstairs but everything else must go in your cubby. There is an office upstairs you can use to change in or a big bathroom downstairs.
4. Have fun and make yourself at home! We will continue to rearrange the gym over the next week and get everything settled!
We feel so blessed to have all of you and we can’t wait to start the week!!

 Let us know if you have any questions,  (caitlin@crossfitevviva.com, or call 541-912-7513)
Interesting video about how to sleep.

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