Technique Thursday! Today’s the day to hone in those skills! Check out Caitlin on the heavy rope!


Goat Workout – Gymnastics
On the clock, take some time here to hone in your skills in a gymnastics movement that is not your best. Today, we will focus on this movement and improve your technique. Today is a day to focus and improve on that gymnasty thing holding you back

Time for today is 12 minutes
EMOM 21 minutes:

Min 1: 2-8 Reps of today’s gymnastics GOAT
Min 2: 15/12 Cal Row
Min 3: 0:50 sec in any static hold

*Static holds: plank, side plank, hollow, FLR, wall squat, handstand, chin up/pull up, heavy front rack, heavy farmer carry hold…etc. Pick ya poison.

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