Work it Wednesday with Lisa Truelove!


Building EMOM: 10 Mins:

Odd: Row
Even: 3 Burpees over Bar + 5 Deadlift

Increase row pace each round. Build the deadlift to a significantly heavy weight (higher than for the wod).
Part 1:

6 Sets at Max Effort:

  • 0:30 Max Cal Row

Rest 1 Min between sets

Part 2:

6 Sets at Steady Effort:

  • 0:30 Max Deadlifts

Rest 1 min between sets

L1: 185/135
L2: 155/115
L3: 125/95

Part 3:

6 Sets at Max Effort:

  • 0:30 Burpees over the bar

Rest 1 min between sets

L2: burpees

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