Mega Monday with Hippo!


10 mins Handstand Practice! Walks, holds, drills, Let’s get upside down and play out of the comfort zone!
3 Sets of:
50 Double Unders
20 DB Push Press
50 Double Unders
0:30 Handstand hold
1:00 Rest

Rest 1 minute after completion, then…

3 Sets of:

10/8 Cal Row
20 Ring Rows
10/8 Cal Row
10 Bar Muscle Ups
Rest 1:00

L1: 45/35
L2: 40/30
L3: 35/25 or lower

Gymnastics Scaling:

75 singles or 0:45 DU practice, 25 DUs

HS hold on a box, high plank hold

Ring Rows – can sub DB bent over rows

Bar MU: Jumping C2B, strict PU, C2B or attempts, Hips to Bar

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