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It’s….Over….So relieved!

The Open is over! So much success in the gym over the last 5 weeks. We are so proud of everyone that participated and gave it your all. Thank you for all your efforts, dedication, support, and enthusiasm!!

We will now be starting some new strength cycles and classes. In the daily WOD, we will be focusing on Back squats, strict press, strict pull-ups, and SQUAT snatches! We will be switching up the days of certain workouts to keep people on there toes (like mid week mash). Also we will be using lots of ODD OBJECTS to keep it fun and interesting. (i.e. sandbags, kegs, axel bars, slam balls, tires). Also be on the lookout for lots of Outdoor workouts to come up in the next 6 weeks. Yay! WOLF STRONG will start next Monday at 10 am and 3:30 pm. Wolf Strong is crossfit programming with a strength bias, this class is for more advanced athletes looking for heavier weights and lots of lifting. Info about class times and protocols should be coming later this week.  Nick will be introducing a new class called Mo!Kettlebell. It is designed to improve your mobility and motor control. He will be using a kettlebell to challenge movement patterns, refine skills and enhance performance. Come try it out Wednesday at 5:30 pm and see what it’s all about! We will talk more about these new classes in class, ask questions and try them out!


  • Strict Pull-ups (3 x ME)

Rest as needed between sets, full recovery.
L1: Weighted. Choose weight. (A minimum of 5 reps)
L2: as written
L3: Banded
Notes: If attempting weighted pull-ups, choose a weight you can complete AT LEAST 5 pull-ups.


3 Rounds:

  • 150 m Farmer’s Carry
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 20 Overhead plate lunges

L1: 53/35, 45/35, Hand Release
L2: 35/25, 35/25
L3: 25/15, 25/15