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Happy Birthday Jon Sims!


Back Squat (1 x 20)
Last week of super squats! Add 5-10lb from last workout.


“X-Ray Vision”
EMOM for as long as you can :
3 Pull-ups
3 Shoulder to overhead
3 Burpees box jumps overs
If you complete 10 rounds, add one rep to each movement for each additional minute.
For example: Minute 11 would be 4 pullups+ 4 STO + 4 Burpees box jumps. Minute 12 would be 5 of each, and minute 13 would be 6 of each.
L1: Strict pull-ups, 135/95, 24″/20″
L2: 115/75, 20″/16″
L3: 95/65, 16″/12″

Ok guys this is the last week of Super Squats.  I Know alot of you have done more than you ever thought was possible.  This strength cycle was all about confidence.  Hopefully you guys have gained some over this six weeks.  Below is a video of Cameron Planck (Ben and Taylor’s Brother) doing Super Squats.  He shows amazing courage as he is squatting way over  his abilities ,but his heart is STRONG! What you dont see in this video is that the entire gym is watching as he belts out the last couple of reps.  To be there was epic , truly a heroic effort.