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Goat Training
10 min EMOM
A “Goat” is a movement you want to work on, suck at, or both. Very simply put, it’s the movement that makes you grimace every time you see it because you can’t do it or you suck at it. Gymnastic goats this week.


Partner Workout
20 min AMRAP

  • 10 T2B
  • 15 Russian KB Swings
  • 30 Double Unders

This is a Partner WOD – Partner A will perform the work listed above. Partner B will Run 400m or Row 500m. Once Partner B returns from the run or row, Partner A will begin their 400m Run or 500m Row, while Partner B continues work wherever Partner A left off.
L1 70/53
L2 T2 rings, 53/35, 15 DU
L3 V-Ups, 35/25, 60 Singles

Cool T2B Variations!