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10/29/20 Thunder Thursday with Chris! Skill/Strength: 2 Rounds 21’s7 BB Bicep Curls Bottom Half7 BB Bicep Curls Top Half7 BB Bicep Curls Full Reps -into-...
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10/28/20 Wicked Work Wednesday with Molly! Skill/Strength: Hang Power Snatch (10×2) 10 Min EMOM2 RepsBuild in Weight*Record Heaviest set of 2 Conditioning: 10 Min AMRAP...
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10/27/20 Tearing it up Tuesday with Jimmy! Skill/Strength: Push Jerk (Heavy Single ) 7min to build to a heavy single, Use Racks   Conditioning: 1000m...
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10/26/20 Muscle Monday with Angela! Skill/Strength: Front Squat (6-6-3-2) Every 3 min,  Build to a heavy Double.   Conditioning: Happy Star 4 Rounds 200m Run5-7-9-11Burpees...
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10/23/20 Sean! Crossfit Games start today! Stream at to check out the top of the sport for 2020!   Conditioning: Souless Ginger    With...
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10/22/20 Thunder Thursday! One more sleep until the Crossfit Games! Skill/Strength: 12 Min EMOM 1-10-12 Barbell Bicep Curls2-10-12 Barbell Strict Press3-Max V-ups *2s down on...
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CrossFit Evviva, CrossFit Revival – CrossFit Metcon (Weight) Every 90s for 4 Rounds 15m Double KB Walking Lunge * Record the heaviest weight used. Metcon...
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