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Exciting Changes

Hey Everyone!

Before introducing ourselves (somewhat formally over email) we want to quickly touch on some simple housekeeping things to clarify and hopefully answer some questions that seem to be coming up a lot recently.

What is happening?

Beginning April 1st, we, Spencer and Leticia, will be the official owners of CrossFit Evviva. Byron will continue to be a big part of the community. He will continue to coach some classes and will be around to help with the transition.

When will the new schedule start?

The new schedule is starting on Thursday April 1st, with the exception of the On-Ramp class, which will start the following Monday, April 5th. The skills class, the cardio class, and the addition of the 6:00am CrossFit class will begin Thursday, April 1st. Below is an image of the schedule (notice we don’t actually have skills on Thursday so that will begin Friday). Open gym time is scheduled between classes, however you will all still have unlimited access to the gym via the lockbox and code for any times not listed on the schedule.

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What is the skills class?

The skills class is a class for individuals who want to take some extra time to practice higher skill movements. This will be a dedicated coaching time where you can practice skills like
toes-to-bar, pull ups, muscle ups, and all things handstands, with some extras like double unders and pistols sprinkled in. Here is a sample week. It will compliment the CrossFit classes, so if you do the skills class, it will not hinder your ability to participate in the CrossFit class (warm ups have not been written yet, and will likely depend on the day and how people feel).

What is the cardio class?

The cardio class is a 30 minute class that is meant to be cardio with lower skill movements. There will be no barbell, but will be full of lower skill hanging movements on the pull up bar, and a lot of dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight movements, and machines. This is a great class to have a friend or new member try, and it will also help build your engine on top of the regular CrossFit programming. Here is a sample week below (warm ups have not been written yet, and will likely depend on the day and how people feel).

Bringing Friends

We are absolutely open to everybody bringing friends in to workout and try classes. If they decide they want to join, you will get $50 off your next membership bill, and your friend will get$50 off their first month of membership. Additionally, we have the onramp class that they can do. If they are new to CrossFit, we prefer that they complete the onramp class before jumping in on regular classes.


The onramp class is a 1 hour introductory class to help new members learn complex movements like squatting, olympic lifting, and some of the other movements we do in a normal CrossFit class. This is for brand new members only, if you are already able to complete a class, you do not need to take the onramp class. It is 4 days, 1 hour per class, and begins every Monday and ends the following Thursday. The contents of the course builds off previous days, so if you have a friend or family member interested, let them know it would be best for them to start on Monday, and then we would have them ready to tackle the classes by Thursday.

What else can we expect?

We would love anybody’s input so please feel free to text or call with any suggestions or comments, or email us. To begin with, there are a couple projects that you can expect to start unfolding. First, we are going to be buying some new equipment. We will be buying two new ski ergs within the next week, and as long as there is available stock, we will also be buying a handful of new women’s barbells and a few pairs of 15lb bumper plates. Additionally, another one of our goals is to begin cleaning up the back patio a little bit so it is an easier and more comfortable space to workout in (especially as the summer weather starts to present itself). Finally, we are working on an extended beginners class to be run concurrently with a nutrition challenge which would begin in mid-May and end at the end of June. This would include body scans, meal plans for those who want it, new gear, and a prize purse for the winners of the challenge.

Those are all things that you can expect to unfold in the coming weeks, and again, we would love your input on anything you all want or need in the gym. If enough members want another GHD, we can look into getting another GHD, if you all think we should get more Echo Bikes 😜, we can get more Echo Bikes.

A note from Spencer

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Spencer Kankel. I started doing CrossFit at the very beginning of 2017, and have been doing it ever since. I recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, so I am very passionate about science, which I think helps me be a better coach and programmer. I have been coaching since 2016. When I graduated highschool in 2015 I tried to make the Olympic Rowing team, which didn’t work out for me, and while I attended community college I began doing CrossFit and coaching at the rowing club where I trained in highschool. I grew up in the Bay Area down in California, and came to Eugene for School after finishing my general education at my community college. When I moved up here in 2018 I joined Evviva and with the exception of the last year (due to covid and some other stuff I won’t bore your with), I have been a member ever since. Now, I coach a few games athletes remotely and have been helping coach a handful of classes at CrossFit Eugene. While I do enjoy pushing myself, and others to maximize their athletic potential, what really brings me fulfilment is having a positive impact on the community and providing a welcoming and inclusive space for all of us to gather as friends and become healthier individuals. I want to do this to help spread health and longevity (physically and mentally) to as many people as I can, and that is really my driving force and main motivator moving forward.

A note from Leticia

I am super excited to join CrossFit Evviva! Spencer has told me so many great things about this awesome community. Some background on me, I am a 1992 graduate of the University of Oregon, I worked eight years as a CPA in Portland and The Netherlands then came back home to Eugene when my husband and I started having kids (we have four kids, ages 21, 20, 17 & 12). I owned a business for nearly 20 years here in Eugene which I sold in early 2020. This allowed me time to finally take my L-1 and start coaching CrossFit which I have been doing for the past 14 months at Eugene CrossFit where I have been a member since 2009. Sports, health and fitness have always been a big part of my life, I was a gymnast until age 16 and also played soccer growing up and through high school (I still play rec soccer today) and I was a runner in my 20’s and 30’s completing a handful of half marathons. I found CrossFit in 2009 soon after our last child was born and have absolutely loved it ever since. I love how CrossFit has improved my relationship with food and my body, I love that I continually get to learn things I never thought I’d be able to do even as an adult, and I love that I get to workout everyday with great people. I know if I just show up, no matter how I feel, I will feel better an hour later. As a coach, I want to share my love of CrossFit and help every athlete, no matter where they are in their journey, in any way I can. I love helping all levels of athletes learn and grow, mentally, physically and emotionally and I truly believe CrossFit is for everyone.

We look forward to meeting everybody we haven’t met already, and if you have any additional questions or want to chat please reach out!

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