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Starting your CrossFit Journey with us here at CrossFit Evviva is the ideal experience. You will experience fitness like you never have before, not to mention, our classes are incredibly fun. Our community is filled with amazing vibes and our coaches are friendly, unbelievably intelligent and motivating leaders. You will notice physical and mental changes within yourself that will drive you to want more. Never be afraid to try something new, sign up for a FREE training session below. Let’s start your CrossFit Journey today!

Experienced CrossFitter

We know finding the right community and environment to train with is an incredibly important decision. That is why we surround ourselves with the most genuine, hardworking members and the most devoted, professional staff. Our program is designed to continuously challenge your body while preventing any plateaus or boredom. We are eager to speak with you about joining the CrossFit Evviva family. Together we will take our passion to the next level. Fill out the form below and come see what we’re all about here at CrossFit Evviva!



Feel free to call with any questions 541-912-7513 or email caitlin@crossfitevviva.com

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