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Maureen P

stars“I was in town for a couple of days and would be missing my Crossfit workouts. It is not like me to walk into an unfamiliar situation but I needed the energy and stress relief. I called to inquire about procedures for drop-ins from another Crossfit gym. Byron was super friendly and encouraged me to come by for some classes. When I arrived, I felt welcomed and comfortable. It was a partner WOD and one of the members, who is also a coach, immediately said she’d be my partner, relieving my internal anxiety. The workout was super solid with tons of energy and enthusiasm for everyone, just like my gym in Oregon City (Crossfit Oregon City). I HIGHLY recommend dropping in if you’re visiting and belong to another box OR of you’re thinking about joining Crossfit, check out Crossfit Evviva! #justshowup”

-Maureen P.