Byron GoldByron Gold

Owner/Head Coach/Director of Training/ CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Byron began as a mountain biker, winning the Oregon State Championship in 2004. He then was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting by a fellow cyclist and Olympic Weightlifting coach Jon Joseph and continued learning about training and lifting through him. Byron was first introduced to CrossFit in 2008. After his first workout, which was “Helen”, he was hooked. Since then he has helped countless individuals achieve their goals whether it was weight loss, flexibility, strength gain, or gaining confidence in their daily lives. Byron truly has a passion for helping people and believes that CrossFit can change your life if you commit to it.


Caitlin Gold

Owner/CrossFit Level 1 Certified/CrossFit Level 2 Certified

When Caitlin was introduced to Byron, she was inevitably introduced to Olympic Weightlifting! From Olympic Lifting she learned mental toughness and the importance of technique and form with the help of Jon Joseph and Byron. CrossFit became the perfect next step into the fitness world. The most important aspect she has gained from CrossFit is confidence! It has given her not only the confidence to be successful in a workout, but to be a better daughter, sister, wife, and friend in and outside the gym. She always wants what is best for her clients, even if it is tough love, and will do what she can to help them achieve their goals.


Anthony Brunoe

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Prior to CrossFit, my fitness and athletic experiences were limited to high school football and years of being in and out of globo gyms.  Fitness had always been intimidating, and to a large nerdy guy, it was something best left to those with bulging muscles and washboard abs.  It was when I finally decided to try CrossFit, this idea changed.

Nervous, uncertain, and intimidated by the name “CrossFit”, I went into the little gym downtown and tried my first WOD under the guidance of Byron and Caitlin.  Despite the nerves and self-doubt, I would continue to bring myself down to the gym and workout.  I learned about, and how to perform movements, and more importantly, began to realize that I was fully capable of being athletic despite my own uncertainties.  Soon the anxiety began to fade and I found myself excited to go to the gym.  When I as introduced to the Olympic Lifting class, my fate was sealed.  I found an  athletic activity that I enjoy and desire to improve in.

Two years after starting at Evviva I would end up at a CrossFit Level 1 Certification course in Portland.  My hope is that I can offer to the people at Evviva the same thing Byron and Caitlin did for me when I walked in that first day, timid and without faith in myself.  An opportunity for people to discover what they are actually capable of.  To help push them further than they think possible without fear of judgement, rather, show them the atmosphere of support, encouragement that I was.

Michelle Baumann

Michelle Baumann

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Michelle first learned the value of having an inspirational coach in high school as a member of the Los Gatos Rowing Club. Her coach taught her that success comes with hard work, dedication, and having a good attitude both on and off the water. His lessons stuck with her through college where she competed on a national level for the University of Oregon club water polo team. After college, Michelle took up mountain biking and completed many endurance events, including the Cascade Cream Puff. Michelle took her first CrossFit class at Evviva in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. Her CrossFit coaches consistently inspire her to become the best version of herself and she enjoys introducing CrossFit to people who are excited about making positive changes in their lives. Michelle strives to be a coach who challenges and inspires individuals to achieve their goals and find joy and balance in every aspect of their lives.



Ronda Perkins

L1 CrossFit Certified

Ronda began CrossFit in 2011 and leads an active lifestyle with CrossFit, long distance running, hiking and cycling. She has run several half marathons, hiked many miles on the PCT and trekked to Everest Base Camp. As a youth Ronda played soccer and competed in track & field. Ronda is also a Certified Wellness Program Coordinator.

Ronda is passionate about health & fitness and believes that everyone can make healthy changes to their lifestyle with a little encouragement and knowledge. Ronda loves the positive energy and community aspect CrossFit brings and truly believes this is a key component of why it’s so effective. Helping athletes push themselves to their fullest and reach their goals is incredibly motivating and exciting!


Justin Hoffman

Level 1 CrossFit Certified

Prior to joining the Wolf Pack, my training was specialized at the University of Oregon where I competed as a wide receiver in football.Throughout college I was fortunate enough to develop under our strength and conditioning coach Jimmy Radcliffe. He not only taught us the fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting and sprinting mechanics, but he showed us how discipline, humility, and the desire to excel on and off the field, are important aspects of a life. Being a part of CrossFit Evviva, I have already learned so much about myself and the awesome people that call this gym a second home. I look forward to giving back to athletes who want to get better everyday, train hard, and have fun doing it!

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