Memberships include unlimited access to:

  • Crossfit Classes
  • Mobility Classes
  • Olympic lifting Classes
  • Open Gym

Memberships include but are not limited to accessory work, skills training, and nutritional coaching.

Unlimited Membership $150/month 

Student, Military & Healthcare Workers $135/month

10 Punch Card $150

Drop-In $20

ON RAMP – Evviva 101

Our On Ramp program is extended over a 6 week period to encourage a low stress and approachable environment for new members to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit at a slower pace. This class meets 3 times a week and will be focussed on the basics of all functional CrossFit movements – expect to work hard when you are in the gym. On Ramp promises to leave you feeling prepared and physically confident to partake in regular Evviva programs. 


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CrossFit Group Training

At CrossFit Evviva our workouts are based on three principles; Variation, Intensity, and Functional Strength. Constantly varied workouts keep your body challenged and push you to achieve steady progress. CrossFit is about pushing yourself to new limits. To make sure this is possible, we design our workouts to be high intensity so we can accomplish more work in less time. Our training is designed to help you take on physical challenges in and out of the gym.

Evviva Compete

Evviva Compete is for those looking to take their CrossFit skills to a new level. During this session, we focus on specialized improvement to take intermediate CrossFitters to the next competitive level. This program is also FREE for our members.

Personal Training

These sessions are an extremely effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals. No matter if your primary focus is weight loss or identifying your weaknesses and conquering them, these one on one sessions are tailored 100% towards your goals.

Coming Soon

Olympic Weightlifting Club

We would love to chat with you about your personal fitness goals. Drop us a line and we will get right back to you!