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Anthony Brunoe

Anthony Brunoe


CrossFit® Level 1 Certified

Prior to CrossFit, my fitness and athletic experiences were limited to high school football and years of being in and out of globo gyms. Fitness had always been intimidating, and to a large nerdy guy, it was something best left to those with bulging muscles and washboard abs. It was when I finally decided to try CrossFit, this idea changed.

Nervous, uncertain, and intimidated by the name “CrossFit”, I went to a small gym downtown and tried my first WOD under the guidance of Byron and Caitlin. Despite the nerves and self-doubt, I would continue to bring myself down to the gym and workout. I learned about, and how to perform movements, and more importantly, began to realize that I was fully capable of being athletic despite my own uncertainties. Soon the anxiety began to fade and I found myself excited to go to the gym. When I was introduced to the Olympic Lifting class, my fate was sealed. I found an athletic activity that I enjoy and desire to improve in.

Two years after starting at Evviva I would end up at a CrossFit Level 1 Certification course in Portland. My hope is that I can offer to the people at Evviva the same thing Byron and Caitlin did for me when I walked in that first day, timid and without faith in myself. An opportunity for people to discover what they are actually capable of. To help push them further than they think possible without fear of judgment, rather, show them the atmosphere of support, encouragement that I was.