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Sarah Svejcar

Sarah Svejcar


CrossFit® Level 1 Certified

My friend dragged me to a workout class with this guy Byron in May 2010, since then I never left. I’ve also competed several times, participated in every CrossFit open since 2011, and obtained my CrossFit L1 certification in October 2014. Before walking into that gym that day, you couldn’t get me on a steady workout plan. I’d never touched a barbell. Pull-ups and doing handstands weren’t a thing I dreamed of. Crossfit changed my life. Now you can’t me away from the gym.0

Anytime I am approached by anyone who wants to try CrossFit or talk about nutrition I get SO excited because I can’t WAIT for them to start feeling better. Physically, mentally, and emotionally better, just like what happened to me. I want to push you to all the places you don’t even know you want to go yet. And I want to celebrate your victories.
I swear a bit. I love lifting. I hate wall balls. I dance during EMOM workouts and yell during Tabata intervals. You’ve been warned. Can I get a HELL YEAH?