Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Best thing I’ve done in 30 years. Flexibility and overall fitness. Great for any age because the programs are set for your level of training. Byron has a great feel for pace and reps. It will get you addicted. If I stay with this for six months , I may be better at 53 than 43!


After Byron and Caitlin put you through an hour of butt rock, burpee’s, double-unders, and box jumps…All other workouts will make about as much sense as a pair of skinee-jeans. Feed the good wolf!

– Cal

I was told about this class by a co worker.  Thought i would give it a try and I was hooked. I am 52 years old and this challenges me, but makes me feel great despite the soreness, which is a good sore.  My body is definitely changing for the better. Byron and Caitlin are great motivators and coaches.  Thank you for your dedication.


Byron and Caitlin’s workouts are the real deal. They will test your will, mind and body. I have never had a better workout. They keep your muscles guessing every workout for awesome gains in stamina and and overall conditioning. I give my full endorsement. I believe in this workout so much that i will have my football team start after our season is over.



Have you ever heard, “If I can do it, anyone can do it!”? Well, it’s true. I am 54, mother of 3, grandmother of 1, and had MAJOR surgery the summer of 2010. Every time I tried to work out, it always seemed that something was hurt. I felt like I was falling apart, especially after the surgery. But thanks to Caitlin and Byron, I have learned that I can do a whole lot more than I ever imagined. I have learned that through this training, daily living activities are easier to do. I am more flexible. My joints feel better and best of all, I know that they cover all the bases for me. I don’t have to think about what I’m exercising, when. I get everything I need for a women in her 50′s. Balance and flexibility training, weight training, cardio, and even good things for arthritis. They’ve taught me how to push through and “empty the tank!” I wish I could have done this kind of training in my younger days but it’s never too late. They care about the whole person as well. I’ve gotten personal development through this experience too. Their positive and encouraging attitudes are infectious as you can see how everyone is so encouraging and supportive to one another in class. I feel like a have another family in my workout class. I in turn have changed my thinking, which changes my philosophy, which changes my actions, which changes my results. The definition of insanity is to continue doing whatever it is you are doing but expecting different results. If you want to get healthy you have to change something. A lot of it is your attitude and everyone can do that! You get it all at these classes! IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!!!


Don’t kid yourself, these workouts are for the brave. If you want to change your life for the better, gain self-confidence and have fun, this workout is for you. Byron and Caitlin are awesome motivators and just good people. You will accomplish things that you never thought possible. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally. Not to mention an awesome group of workout warriors busting their butts next to ya.


Ever heard that old saying “You never know what you had until it’s gone”. Well it’s true. I never knew how much I enjoyed CrossFit Training until I was no longer able to do it. Since I started CrossFit—before it was even called Metcon—my physical, mental and emotional health has gone through the roof. During CrossFit I succeeded in doing many I things that I didn’t think I could do. It was every one of these things that just made me realize how capable we all really are. If we can overcome the limits that we place on ourselves, we can do anything. Never once did I think I could do 25 pull-ups at once, or squat 105kg 20 times in a row, but Byron made me realize—you can talk yourself into anything. If you have the will, there is always a way, you may just have to fight for it.
The confidence gained from CrossFit is something that I take with me everywhere I go. From dealing with unhealthy relationships, to a difficult math test, CrossFit made me realize that what I think I can’t do, really means nothing. CrossFit gave me the confidence to deal with many difficult situations with ease.
If you’re considering CrossFit, I have a few words of advise for you—there is no time like the present. Many people put off physical fitness because other “more important” things take up most their time. The truth is however; situations in life rarely are ideal. If you sit around and wait for circumstances to become ideal, chances are you will miss out on a lot of opportunities. If you take that first step though, I can guarantee you it is worth it.


I’ve never been much for gym workouts, but I’m now hopelessly addicted to Byron’s metcontraining. Every time I show up there’s something new and unexpected to do. I love the fact that through two hours of intensity training a week I’m more fit now at 26 than I’ve ever been in my life – screw hours on the elliptical! Plus the intensity makes you strong in both body and mind when you learn to push yourself to your physical limits. It’s always a positive experience working out with a group of supportive fellow warriors.

I recommend these workouts for anyone who wants to work hard and be fit – especially those who don’t have a ton of spare time to spend working out. Legs feed the wolf!


I lacked the discipline to MAKE myself workout. I had always thought a class would be easiest for me but never had anyone to go with and was afraid to push myself to go on my own. But now… I can’t get enough of MetCon! I’ve made an entire new group of friends and got my own friends to tag along with me. I’ve been training at The Box since the day it opened and it has been the best months of my life. Sarah is right it’s addicting, and the endorphin rush you get after is the most rewarding feeling. But the best part is I am down a pant size, fitting into my clothes from high school, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never had upper body strength until now! If you are willing to give it all up for Byron and Caitlin, they will make sure you leave The Box a stronger and better person. Physically and mentally! I could not ask for anyone better to help me reach my fitness goals! Hope to see you there! LEGS FEED THE WOLF!


I’ve been looking for a workout like this for a long time. I’ve lost a lot of fat and gotten excellent muscle tone. It’s so much fun that it isn’t like working out as much as going the distance with a bunch of friends. You do things you never knew you could do. And you feel amazing for it. It’s addicting.


3 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Evviva is a place to evolve into a stronger, more powerful, more confident “you”. Byron, Caitlin and Michelle are excellent motivators and coaches, and the Wolf Pack crew centered at the gym constantly encourage folks to do their best and have fun doing it. There’s more to CrossFit than looking great naked (which you definitely get at Evviva too), there’s a culture and a mindset focused on personal success and determination. I know I could workout at any old gym but I choose Evviva for more than the workout, it’s because of the people—there’s no place like home.

  2. I have never had so much fun working out as I do here! When all the naysayers do it talk about don’t hurt yourself. Byron and Catlin are all over proper technique and proper form. If you dont do it right they have you try something else. This place is becoming a second home to me since I am there so much. Dont bash it until you try it and you will have so much fun! I would recommend anyone to try this! Its amazing!

  3. Evviva is one of the best decisions I ever made! I started at Evviva completely out of shape and overweight… I didn’t know how to lift properly or what to lift to become become a healthier person. All of the coaches (Byron, Sarah, Caitlin,Michelle, Anthony, etc.) are all very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to technique. They always encourage you to push yourself because you are capable of more than your mind thinks you are. I could barely do burpees or even lift very much. My cardio was definitely on the very weak side. The more I kept on going to Evviva, the better it got. Everyone there is always able to help the newbies on form or technique.

    If traditional gyms are uncomfortable to go to because you are worried about how much the person next to you is lifting, GO TO EVVIVA! It doesn’t matter how you compare to the people around you. Everyone is supportive of each other because you challenged yourself and finished the workouts! Its not about the weight, its about the process of improving yourself. Egos are left at the door because everyone is struggling with the workouts together. Everyone enjoys the “suck” that comes with the workouts.

    Yes, the workouts are definitely hard but don’t quit after the first week. If it was easy, everybody would do crossfit. Thanks to Evviva, I have finally managed my life long weight issues and I couldn’t be happier. It truly is an environment I am happy to have joined!

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