keg 131Rather than trying to train specific muscles or cardio, we train for better movement. We’ll teach you the movements first in the beginner classes, and then up the intensity in the regular classes so that the training can make you fit and strong.

In fact, our workouts can make you even fitter and stronger than you might imagine—no matter how fit you are to start with. Why not come in for a few sessions and let us show you how?

The goal of movement training is critical to quality of life: to maintain or restore abilities such as lifting, reaching, agility, stepping up, squatting (i.e., sitting and standing), and running. Our safe methods of developing strength, range, and flexibility, whether to restore lost movement or to increase an already high level of fitness, allow our clients to exceed their expectations.

Group Classes

In CrossFit classes, you’ll join a group of workout fans in some high-intensity exercise. These are workouts to look forward to. As in the beginner classes, exercises are modified as needed so that everyone can do them.DSC_0036

The trainer leads everyone through a warm up, teaches the exercises in that day’s workout, and helps everybody get set up with the equipment they need. During the workout every person is coached as needed. The workouts go fast, and it feels great to be totally wiped out at the end. The workout is different every day and coached throughout.

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