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Skill/Strength: Push Press E.M.O.M.
1 min max reps of:

  • Barbell Push Press (75lbs/55lbs)
  • Kettlebell Swings (53lbs/35lbs)
  • Double Unders

5 Rounds of each!
Nutritional Challenge of the Week:
Step 3: Regiment Your Meals
Buy a small cooler/lunch box and start packing your lunch for work. You can still go out to lunch once, maybe twice per week, but your standard solution is the lunch you packed.
You now only eat your planned meals. Whatever your regimen turns out to be (e.g., breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner), then those are the only times you eat. You don’t decide to buy an Almond Joy on a whim. It is not OK just because it has almonds.
Progress Report
Let’s check in on our progress. By now you’re eating protein with every meal. You’re having a “healthy” dinner with meat and vegetables every night except your cheat meal. You’ve kicked sweets in the liquid and solid form. You’re eating the same number of meals and general quantity of food each day. And you don’t eat things just because someone brought them into the office. Some of this has probably been a little uncomfortable (giving up soda especially), but I bet you’re doing fine. Now let’s forge ahead and really start to make some progress.
-Jeff Barnett CrossFit Impulse