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Benchmark Girl Week!

Everyday this week, is going to be a “girl workout”! For those of you who don’t know what “girl workouts” are all about, they are benchmark workouts serve to measure your performance and improvements though repeated, irregular, appearances in the “Workout of the Day”. They all have girl names, much like hurricanes, so you can bet they will be challenging!

We also will be giving away prizes for the first person who guesses which workout will be next! Starting tomorrow, every workout will post at 7:00pm. The first person to submit the correct answer before then will get the prize! Comment on Facebook to enter your answers!

Tuesday’s prize: wrist wraps

Skill/Strength: The Downtown Run! We will do this run after the WOD!
50-40-30-20 and 10 reps of:

  • Double-unders
  • Sit-ups