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Outdoor Workouts!

Last day of outdoor workouts! No class on Saturday due to the Dirty Dash! Come show your support if you are not running with us! If you are on our team, we are wearing head bands with Evviva written on them and matching shirts that Jon Gates got us. You can pick up your shirts tomorrow for $3.00 or on Saturday morning but the head bands are on you!

We will meet at Evviva at 10am on Saturday to car pool if anyone needs a ride or wants to follow otherwise we will see you there at 10:30am!

Friday, meet at: Evviva

“Partner Chipper”

  • 2000m row (500m at a time)
  • 100 Pushups
  • 150 SDLHP
  • 200 Ball slams
  • 250 Squats

Each exercise will be at a mystery location!