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TeamWork Week!

All week will be partner or team workouts! Learn the importance of teamwork and camaraderie through CrossFit while you work hard for each other in and outside the gym!

As a part of teamwork week, we are going to start a goal board. Start thinking about any fitness or nutrition goal, no matter how small, and share it on our board. Our community will help you achieve your goals and give you support so don’t be shy!

Christin doing a handstand with some teamwork!

Skill/Strength: Partner Deadlifts
While one partner runs 200m, the other must start the chipper:

  • 50 DB Snatch(35lbs/25lbs)
  • 75 DB Push Press (35lbs/25lbs)
  • 100 Goblet Squat (35lbs/25lbs)
  • 150 Sit ups

When the partner returns from the run, they continue where the other left off. Partners must complete all reps as a team before moving to the next exercise.