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Skill/Strength: Pullups
6 Rounds:

  • 10 DB Squat Cleans
  • 10 HR Pushups

Nutritional Challenge of the week:
Last challenge! Grains and Portion control
You’re giving up refined grains of every type: cereals, white bread, wheat bread, rice, corn—everything except pita bread. You can keep whole-oat pita bread if you just have to hang onto bread a little bit longer. This is difficult, but you can do it. Plenty of people have done it before you.
If you would like to talk about portion control, we highly recommend the Zone. Buy a food scale. Yes, it costs $20-25. Diabetes costs a lot more. If you want more information, we can give you more info in class!

1 Response

  1. Hey guys! So, I just did this workout with two 10 lb. dumbbells. It looked a lot easier on paper! Took me 16 min. and 28 sec. I made sure to keep good form on the squat cleans and felt no pressure on my back.