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Thanks to everyone who came to the potluck! So much fun!

10 min EMOM: 1-10 Push-ups
Choose reps and modifications. (If you can do more than 7 strict pushups each minute use Rings!)
10 min AMRAP:  Buy in 100 situps

  • 5 Deadlifts
  • 10 Burpees over the bar

L1: 225/155   L2: 185/135 , 75 situps  L3: 155/115 , 50 situps
Congratulations to everyone for completing the Fall Performance Challenge! We hope that you all learned a bit about yourselves and we were impressed at how much stronger you guys looked during the Saturday retest WOD.
Rodger Deevers is the lucky winner of a custom pair of Reebok shoes! Big thanks to Jeff Priske for the donation.  Rodger showed not only improvement in the challenge, but is constantly showing dedication in the gym. He is not afraid to work on his weaknesses and willing to learn every day. Great job Rodger and thanks for your great attitude.
The end of the Challenge marks the beginning of a new strength cycle. Come in this week ready to work hard and don’t let everything that you learned about your personal nutrition needs go by the wayside just because the challenge is over. Keep up your healthy habits and keep setting PRs!
If you were unable to make the Saturday retest WOD, let us know and we can schedule a time for a make-up.
Chances are the challenge uncovered a few weaknesses in your fitness. Don’t let yourself feel discouraged if your strength numbers aren’t where you want them to be or if you still can’t figure out that elusive muscle up. If you want to see improvements across the board, remember to stick to the basics.  Work on developing sound fundamentals, practice good movement patterns, and hold yourself to high standards.
Need some ideas? Get in a few sets of pull-ups (strict!) before or after class. Flip around an empty barbell, or better yet, a PVC pipe to work on Olympic Weightlifting technique. Work on handstand walks on the turf track for five minutes. Mobilize those tight ankles or shoulders.
A little bit of effort goes a long way. Small steps add up to big changes.