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3 Workouts starting at 9 am and will end around 11 am. Everyone will be divided into heats and you will have a judge!


“Helena” (12 min Time Cap)
RX’D, 3 Rounds of: 21 KB Swings (53/35lb),12 Pull ups, 100x Double Unders.
Scaled, 2 Rounds of 21 KB Swings(53/35lb),12 Jumping Pull ups, 200 Single jump rope.
Beginner, 1 Round of 21 KB Swings,12 Jumping Pull ups, 100 Squats.
KB swings – through the crotch to above the head and showing ears with extended arms
Pullups – arms fully extended at the bottom to chin over the bar.  For Jumping pull ups the box chosen must be short enough so that your head is at least 6 inches below the bar when standing.                                                                Squats – open hips at the top to hip crease at or below knees at the bottom
“Karena”: (5 min time cap)

  • Complete 60 Situps as a “buy in” then Wallballs till the clock runs out
  • Competitor chooses ball weight.

Throw to the normal marks (boys 10 feet / girls 9 feet)
There is no difference between RX, or Scaled.
SCORE = wallball reps x ball weight
If competitor did not get to wallballs, then the score is ZERO
Any ballweight is allowed, you can not change once you start
Sit ups – abmats are fine. elbows touch knees with feet/heels on the ground (dont lift knees to meet elbows, its a situp) to shoulders and hands touching floor/abmat.  basically do a sit up.  Up and down full ROM.  No anchor or pinning of the feet.  No grabbing your thigh!!
Wall Ball – crease of hips below knees, ball touches at or above the target height
“Grace”: 6 min cut off (time equals 6:00 if incomplete)

  • 30 Clean & Jerks (muscle, power, squat and Jerk/press/push press, aka ground to overhead with a stop at the shoulders). Not a snatch, must be 2 movements.

RX men = 135#, women = 95#
Scaled men = 95#, women = 65#
Beginner men = 65#, women = 45#
Ground to Shoulders – anyhow you want as long its touching the floor and stops at your shoulders
Shoulders to Overhead – anyhow you want as long as you end with body (knees, hips, shoulders, arms) locked out and return the bar to the floor for the next rep.
If a beginner is doing a naked bar then simply going below the knees is fine.