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Skill/Strength: Back squat 8-8-8
Partner Workout!
400m run
3 rounds

  • 30 Partner Burpees
  • 40 KB swings/Handstand hold
  • 50 Squats/Bar Hang

Partner Burpees should be performed like Lateral Burpees. Each teammate should do 2 at a time. One rep would consist of a Burpee, then a lateral jump over the teammate (lying face down on the ground). The 2nd rep would be the same, but jumping back in the opposite direction. Teams must alternate Burpees every 2 reps.  KB swings can only be performed while partner is holding a handstand.  Squats can only be performed while partner is hanging from the pull up bar.
We are not doing this tomorrow, but doesn’t it look like fun? Anyone….