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Teams of three must complete a total of 4 sets each as quickly as possible of:

  • Row 500m
  • 3 rounds , 5 pullups 10 Box jumps
  • 15 DB Burpees

L1(24/20″, 20 lb/15lb) ┬áL2(20/16″, 15lb/10lb)
Teammates must attack the workout in order, and cannot perform similar tasks at the same time. All teammates start on the row . . . which means Teammate B has to wait until Teammate A has completed the 500 meter Row before he/she may begin. Teammates cannot be performing the gymnastics couplet or the burpees at the same time. Thus, Teammate B needs to wait until Teammate A finishes his/her burpees before he/she may begin their burpees.