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Skill/Strength: Rope Climbs.
10 min AMRAP:

  • 3 Power cleans
  • 3 Pushups
  • 6 Power cleans
  • 6 Pushups
  • 9 Power cleans
  • 9 Pushups
  • Continue increasing by 3 reps for the remainder of the AMRAP!

L1: 135/95   L2: 115/75   L3: 95/65

Last week recap show! Here are a couple personal accomplishments, why getting stronger is important, and what’s to come this week!

Success doesn’t happen overnight.


Case in point: Last week Dash got his first double under, Kerry Davis did double unders in a WOD for the first time, and nearly 20 people PR’d their front squat last Thursday! These achievements take a great deal of practice and hard work. Congratulations on accomplishing these milestones!

Strength doesn’t happen overnight.

In CrossFit, the most successful athletes are the ones whose mental strength matches their physical strength. If an athlete’s mental strength outweighs their physical ability they will eventually plateau. Having a positive attitude during a WOD can only get you so far. You can’t will a barbell over your head.
Alternatively, if you are physically strong the weight is no longer an obstacle, freeing up your mind to tap into its full capacity to push through a challenging WOD. Simply put, 95 lb. thrusters are going to feel like an empty bar when you’ve worked hard to squat heavy. For the cardio kids, no matter how fast you can rep out a set of 10 burpees, 95 lb. thrusters will always move at a snail’s pace if your 1RM isn’t a whole lot heavier.
Building physical strength and proficiency in various skill-based movements like the snatch can take years to develop; however, once you’ve built a solid strength foundation, it’s harder to lose. Weight training strengthens your neuroendocrine system not only for next week’s WOD, but also for the future…you know, it’ll help you develop “Old Man Strength.”
Strength training is a dedicated process. If adding five-pounds to the bar elicits a fear deep inside that you might not make it out of the bottom of the squat, then you’re right where you need to be. Improvement comes through perseverance, desire, and believing that you CAN succeed.
To get strong you might have to sacrifice an occasional metcon, but don’t worry. The cardio will come back quickly, I promise.

So, for anyone who wants a faster Fran time or a clean & jerk PR, get your butt in the door for Thunder Thighs Thursday, or for this week, Thunder Thighs WEDNESDAY, since we will be closed for 4th of July. Join the party because we love seeing you guys improve each week. 

Legs feed the wolf!
Michelle Baumann
SCHEDULING NOTE: Regular classes are cancelled on Thursday for a 4th of July WOD and BBQ. Come for the group WOD at 10 a.m. and stick around for a BBQ and potluck. Regular class schedule will resume on Friday.