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Skill/Strength: Rowing technique
Mobility: Front Rack
In teams of 2 or 3

  • Oregon Winter Games 2013 Partner Workout!

As a team, each person must row 500m-400m-300m-200m-100m.  While one person rows, the other must hold a  barbell in the rack position, third person is resting. If you drop the barbell the your teammate must stop rowing until you get it back in the rack position. Team members switch back and forth until each have completed all distances.
L1: 135/95   L2: 115/85   L3: 95/75

  • Last week recap show! Here are a couple personal accomplishments and what to expect this week!

Cyber fist-bumps to every single person who attacked Fran on Tuesday. You ALL showed up with fire in your legs. In addition to the huge PRs, many of you Rxd the workout for the first time, challenged yourself with more weight, used a smaller band for pull-ups, or stuck around to cheer and support. Days like Tuesday are why we love our community. On Friday, a bunch of members achieved their first-ever handstand push-up and thanks to everyone who gave it their all on Saturday to support CrossFit for Hope. We raised $222 (by the way we could have done better) for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Way to go this week, Wolf Pack!
Daily Mobility. This week you’ll notice new links on the WOD posts for suggested mobility that you can do to prepare for class. Keep up with your mobility exercises to prevent injury, resolve pain, and optimize your athletic performance. You’ll also notice additional mobility work during regular classes….move over Croga, things are gonna get spicy. Also, feel free to come in on your rest day and work on mobility. We have a copy of Kelly Starrette’s mobility bible, Becoming a Supple Leopard, at the gym for reference. Ask us if you need help putting together a sequence.
Get ready for technique week! Byron has programmed a “de-load” to give our bodies a chance to rest and recover after the last few weeks of supreme effort. The purpose of a “de-load” week is to let your body and mind recover and to prime your body for the next cycle of training, which, my friends, is going to be epic. This week we’ll reduce volume and loads and spend time working on technique and efficiency of movement. Don’t worry, we’ll still get our sweat on, but come to class ready to break it down and improve your fundamental fitness.
A strong athlete is built from the inside out and from the ground up. Your foundation (i.e., developing strong fundamental skills for your sport) is essential to increasing your ultimate potential as an athlete. If you continue to revisit the basics, you can make all that you have built upon even stronger….and we all want to get stronger, right?! Teaching the fundamentals is essential to maintaining consistency and establishing good habits. Without proper fundamentals, athletes will likely execute a movement incorrectly. As coaches, we mitigate this risk by giving cues like “chest up,” “knees out,” or “flat back” to encourage everyone to use the best movement pattern for each exercise. Poor technique not only compromises your safety, but also your strength gain. Developing quality movement patterns will lead to an increased ability to move more weight quicker (aka: intensity), which, in the world of CrossFit, is everything.
Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana, and Rich Froning didn’t become arguably the greatest athletes in the history of their respective sports because they were simply born with good genetics. Sure, genetics help, but more importantly, they are methodical about their movement. They know how to set up to make a perfect shot or lift because they’ve practiced it thousands of times.
Cheesy video but effective!