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Jon’s hand modeling career ruined with one muscle-up


Strength   WEEK 2 

  • Back squat 3 X 5 @ 70%, plus 10 lb, rest 2 min
  • Front squat 3 X 5 @ 75%, plus 10 lb, rest 2 min

Add 5 to 10  pounds on your lifts this week if you completed all sets and your soreness level was not too high.  However, if you could not walk properly or were wondering why the hell you pay for this then do not add weight this week.
For time:
3 rounds of

  • 15 OHS
  • 15 HR push-ups

-then immediately-

  • 30 Burpees over the bar

L1 (95/65) L2 (75/55) L3 (65/45)

Weekly recap!

You might have noticed a few unfamiliar faces around the gym lately and we encourage you to go out of your way to introduce yourselves. Jenna is one of our new enthusiastic members in the group classes. Jenna has cerebral palsy so please be mindful of her modifications and help her out if she needs assistance with equipment…that is if she’ll let you! Her positive “I can do it, just watch me” attitude is awesome.
The thought of finishing last in a WOD can be intimidating. It’s like getting picked last in the schoolyard and you never want to be that kid. Maybe you’re afraid of what other members will think, maybe you are frustrated with yourself, or maybe you are playing the comparison game, which is unfair (and unnecessary) pressure to put on yourself.
Here’s the thing, no one cares if you are last. Like, really, NO ONE CARES.
None of us started at Evviva knowing how to do everything with perfect form and intensity.  We all had to start somewhere. In CrossFit, we fail repeatedly, but every once in a while something clicks and we progress. I’m asking you all to get comfortable with failure. Miss the snatch over and over and over again. Get stuck in the bottom of a heavy squat. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t give up, even if you come in last.
On that note, we would like everyone to refrain from putting away their equipment until the last person is finished with the WOD. Stick around and support your friends.


Every successful WOD starts with a good warm-up. A few arm circles and pumping yourself up by shouting “LET’S DO THIS” won’t cut it. You are doing yourself a disservice by haphazardly cruising through the motions during the warm-up.
A quality warm-up shares the following fundamental characteristics:

  • Raises your heart rate to simulate the cardiorespiratory system – this is why we do burpees before Fran. Get your heart pumping before the work begins so your body adapts and you don’t freak out.
  • Elevates your body temperature.
  • Practices the upcoming movements and prepares the important muscles for related work.
  • Prepares your nervous and musculoskeletal systems for athletic movements.
  • Incorporates stretching to increase mobility and range-of-motion.

Essential features of a CrossFit warm-up include a major hip/leg extension and flexion (e.g., squats, lunges, burpees), trunk/hip extension and flexion (e.g., good mornings), and pushing and pulling movements (e.g., kipping swings, push-ups).
As coaches, we look at the WOD and try to design a warm-up that will best prepare your body for the upcoming workout. For example, we’ll activate our hamstrings with banded good mornings to effectively deadlift later. We also like to throw in stuff like a caber toss, wheelbarrow carries, or rope slams because it’s fun.
When training at a high volume, it might take more time for your body to feel ready to rock, which is why Lucas Parker, the bearded CrossFit competitor from the Canada west region, takes 45 minutes to warm-up. Properly oiling your joints will not only help to prevent injury, but it’ll also give you confidence that your body is prepared to perform at its maximum potential.
Obviously we don’t have time for a Parker-esque warm-up during class, but come in early if you need more. Personally, rowing 500 or 1000 meters as sort of a pre-warm-up, warm-up works wonders for me.
As a side note, the warm-up is also a good time to practice body awareness and fundamentals of basic movements like push-ups. If you movement sucks in the warm-up, chances are it’ll suck in the workout.
So tell us, does your body feel ready when the timer beeps 3-2-1 or do you guys need more from the warm-up? We’re curious to hear what you have to say.
Legs feed the wolf!
-Michelle Baumann