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Congrats to our competitors this weekend! Great job! Now get ready for the Evviva Turkey Meet!

Partner 6 min AMRAP:

  •  Rope climbs
  •  Handstand hold

Partners alternate exercises
L1: 2 rope climbs, 30sec hold  L2: 1 rope climb, 20 sec hold  L3: rope lowers, 10 sec hold
4 Rounds:

  • 150 m run
  • 5 Curtis P’s
  • 10 Lateral jumps over barbell

“Curtis P’s”  = 1 power clean, 1 lunge (R), 1 lunge (L), & 1 push press with the barbell.
L1: 95/65   L2: 75/55   L3: 65/45
Coaches Notes
We kicked off last week by maxing out our box jumps and many of you overcame fears and jumped on a box that was higher than you thought possible.  We want recognize Karen and Annemarie from the 6:30 am crew for achieving a new box jump PR! Both of these ladies have a great attitude early in the morning and consistently work hard to improve. Keep it up!
For those of you who are participating in the Fall Performance Challenge, stay strong because you’re heading in the home stretch! The final phase of the challenge is another two weeks of clean eating, but dialed in from what you have learned over the past few weeks. Hopefully by now you have a solid pre- and post-workout nutrition routine and you’re maintaining healthy habits throughout the day. We are very excited to repeat the test WOD in a few weeks to see how everyone has improved!
Coming this week on the blog: Why we focus on Olympic lifting and the importance of position training. Let’s break it down, folks.
Legs Feed the Wolf!
-Michelle Baumann