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Performance Challenge RE-TEST! Here are some of the scores from the first time!

We will be having a potluck and a drawing for a sweet prize for everyone who participated in the challenge! Come celebrate with us around 11 am with some food and drinks! We will have a grill if you want to bring some meat!!

10 min work capacity test. Get as many reps in the allowed time for each exercise:

  • 4 min: Rowing (cal)
  • 1 min Rest
  • 3 min: Pull ups
  • 1 min Rest
  • 2 min: Back squats (from squat rack)
  • 1 min Rest
  • 1 min: Shoulder to overhead (from the ground)


  • Men- Body weight BS, 135lb shoulder to overhead
  • Women- 3/4 body weight BS, 95 shoulder to overhead


  • M- 70% of 1 RM Back squat or lower, 115lb shoulder to overhead or lower
  • W- 50% of 1 RM Back squat or lower, 75lb shoulder to overhead or lower