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Here is a great example of how your set up should look. First image is correct, the other 3 are incorrect. Can anyone tell me why?

Skill/Strength: Dips, 5 sets of max reps
5 rounds for time:

  • 15 Deadlifts (135lbs/95lbs)
  • 200m run

So everyone has been asking, “Why a wolf on our new sweatshirts?” Well, here is what it means to us:
One of our favorite quotes is “Legs feed the wolf”, which is from Herb Brooks who was an American ice hockey player and coach. Brooks was almost obsessed with the need for proper conditioning of his players. If you don’t understand the phrase, it simply means that an athlete should be capable of great bursts of speed and for long periods of time. When wolves hunt, they use explosive speed and are able to outlast their prey. If they don’t have strong legs: no food and they die. Our workouts are not only designed to make you look better, but to make our lives better in every way. CrossFit will make you a better friend, husband, mother, worker, and make you healthier on the inside. Our goal is a prolonged and healthier lifestyle. We don’t just workout, we are in training! Our symbol represents our unity as a pack. We give each other support, accountability, respect, and positivity in and outside the gym. “Legs Feed the Wolf”!

Legs Feed the Wolf