Address: 234 W 6th Ave
Phone: 541-912-7513

To schedule a consultation and get a plan for your goals click here:  SCHEDULE

If you would like to drop in, check our class schedule and come on by!

9 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. I am in town for work and would love to drop in. What is the fee? Is the 5am class okay to come to? Thanks!

  2. We are moving from Anchorage, AK and having been going to Northern Exposure’s CrossFit for over 2 months now. He uses Wodify so, we were hoping to find drop- in classes all over the nation that use it so we could Drop in. My fiancé and I are interested in punch cards if you do them since we will be in Eugene for about two weeks. Any info would be great!

  3. Hi, I am going to be in Eugene for a couple of weeks for business and wondered if you had punch cards or something like that so I can do a short term membership.

    1. Hello!
      We have a drop in fee of $20 per class and do not have any punch card deals at this time. if you know you will be here for an extended period of time, we have a month to month membership also available.


  4. Hey Byron,
    I was wanting to get started again here at Evviva now that I’m officially back in Eugene. My husband wants to join as well. Could you tell me about the pricing so we know what we’re looking at? For at least three times a week if not unlimited.
    Can’t wait! Thank you!

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